About us


Our market is the preperation technology - especially mixing and grinding technology.

Our three fields of competence:

1.) Manufacturing of mixing tool systems and components for
different mixer brands
2.) Development, design and manufacturing of customized wear parts
3.) Prototyping and sampling of new developed wear and design parts

Our company
was founded at the beginning of 2013. With a team of qualified engineers and skilled staff, we develop, design, test and produce complete mixing tool systems, mixing tools, special wear parts and customized components. The result of a successful one year developing process led to a patented, vertically driven mixing tool system for intensive mixers.

Our services
range from consultation in mixing and wear resistance issues, up to commissioning of our systems. They are topped off with an end-to-end and prompt spare-/ wear part supply.

Our declared aim is to convince our customers of the economic benefit of our systems on the one hand and being a trustworthy partner for qualtity products to our customers on the other hand.



Do you operate a mixer, too or do you look for technical solutions regarding wear parts? You've come to the right place!





Certificate of Innovation Voucher
Certificate of Innovation Voucher



For our technological innovation - the mixing tool system TuneMixx® - we were awarded with the Innovation Voucher Hightech by the Ministry of Finance and Economics