Design sizes and executions


The TuneMixx® system can be integrated into virtually any make of mixer as a vertical mixing tool system and is available for different mixer sizes.




We'll define the right TuneMixx® for you !



Technical specification TuneMixx

The tool holder, as well as all
wear parts that come into contact
with the product
get custom-tailored
regarding the mix and the mixers.



















The construction height h is between approx. 500 and 1,200 mm.

The outer diameter d from mixing blade end to mixing blade end is 300 to 1,400 mm.

The number of mixing blade levels m ranges from 3 to around 20.

The distance of level a, as well as the lead angle α are freely selectable.

The wear protection of the mixing blades is freely combinable from level to level.


According to the working method of the mixing tool system (working upwards or downwards, clockwise or counter clockwise), the material inflow is influenced by the position of the mixing blades. As a result we differ on the mixing tool holder sizes
X, I, G and H.