Mixing blades


Variable base bodies with individual notches allow you to use them in our TuneMixx®-Systems as well as in conventional holder systems of other makes.


Different mix materials require different wear protection materials. In the case of heavily abrasive mixing materials, tungsten carbide sleeves may be required and chrome chilled cast iron for less abrasive materials.


Moreover we offer you a hybrid-solution, with combined materials chilled casting and carbide or chilled casting and tungsten carbide (armoured), to ensure a maximum wear protection to high stress surfaces.


Individual designed cross-sectional shapes of the wear protection shells counteract against this accumulation of material.


Parallelogram (below), flat tip (above)
Parallelogram (below), flat tip (above)


KRAUSKOPF® mixing blades are available in various profiles (width x height) and lengths. Nonstandard lengths will be produced for you on request!