Mixing tool system TuneMixx


Our mixing tool system TuneMixx® essentially consists of the following components:

Mixing tool holder with integrated quick-change system, wear parts like mixing blades, scraper blades, wear protection shells and base wear protection plate. An individual designed adapter plate ensures the connection between the drive provided by the customer and the TuneMixx®.



Exploded view TuneMixx
Exploded view TuneMixx



Changing mixing blades in minutes








TuneMixx® - Its features !


All parts that come into contact with the product are easy to change
in the space of a few minutes
The mixing blades can be turned over to enable multiple uses
Increase of throughput by individual customized incline of mixing blades
The parts that touch the product have a low contamination level
and are easy to clean
The direction of rotation can be changed quickly
The tool can be quickly converted from nominal to partial filling
The tool holder is easy to fit or remove





TuneMixx® - Your benefits !


• Up to 95% saving on assembly time
• Up to 90% less production downtime
• Double service life or up to 50 % less wear costs
   due to reversible mixing blades
• Cost optimisation due to the wide variety of the wear parts
   adapted to the mix (materials, moulds, models)
• Less cleaning is required due to smooth surfaces and
   a closed construction
• Almost no splashing for partial fillings
• Reduction in rejects due to less soiling
• A wide range of operating modes due to the quick change
   to the set-up of the mixing tool
• User-friendly changeover of the mixing blades





Economical calculation Metallurgy


Economical calculation

Preparation of recyclables, Metallurgy